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Various Types of Decking and Fixing Materials

If you want to improve your deck or build a new one, choosing a deck material is the most important decision you’ll make. Each option has its own visual appeal, upkeep requirements, and other essential factors to consider. Whatever decking material choices are suitable for you is a combination of personal and practical preferences.
The decking materials you select influence everything from the deck’s look to its lifespan, so thoroughly consider all of your options. Team Members in Dalkeith Decking will not only equip you with a wide range of decking materials but will also provide professional advice while you make your selection. You can trust them since they use materials that can be suitable for your needs.

Different Types of Decking Materials

Timber Decking

Timber decking improves your outdoor living area and creates a smooth transition into the beautiful outdoors. It is a preferred type of decking material since it is robust and long lasting, as well as a tactile material that can be walked barefoot.

Decking in Dalkeith provides a wide variety of high quality timber materials. They install hardwood timber decking types, which are excellent for your residential or commercial property. At Dalkeith Decking, we will design and build your wooden decks which are affordable and functional.

Why Choose Timber Decking?

Timber gives a more natural appearance. Maybe you need the rustic beauty that only wood can provide. It has a natural glow that plastic or metal decks cannot imitate. Timber may also be painted in a selection of colours and polished in various styles and touches. Homeowners prefer timber decking since it is quite resistant to bad weather.
With the help of Professionals in Dalkeith Decking, you can have a timber deck that will stay in good condition for many years.

Various Timbers for Decking

Treated Pine Timber

Pine Decking is a popular decking material. It looks fantastic and works well in both modern and traditional settings. Since it is less expensive than other timbers, it is suitable for people on a limited budget. Treated pine can be applied for indoor and outdoor decking. It prefers to be stained or coated to maintain its inherent features.
However, not all treated pine is appropriate for decking since the chemicals contained in it are potentially harmful. Dalkeith’s Deck Builders ensures that your treated wood meets the safety and hazard needs.

Spotted Gum Timber

Spotted gum is a great natural hardwood from Australia that has a distinctive look and a high level of natural durability. It can be an excellent timber for structural applications, especially decking boards.
Spotted gum decking timber is often used in bushfire prone locations due to its heat resistance. The colour ranges from mild brown to chocolate brown with a tinge of crimson. When polished, the timber takes on a lovely colour that blends in with the surroundings. Spotted gum doesn’t bleed like all other hardwoods and shrinks less during wintertime.

Merbau Timber

Merbau Decking Timber is quite popular nowadays. This timber is popular among Aussies due to its excellent durability rating, resistance to decay and termites. Merbau is a preferred material and is known for its natural quality and consistency. It may be a great decking material for you because of its sturdiness and elegant look.
It is an excellent timber to work with since it cuts and fastens quickly. It’s a low maintenance decking board that might save you time and money.

Blackbutt Timber

Blackbutt Decking Timber is also a fire resistant native Australian timber. It is a durable hardwood with exceptional structural stability as well as termite resistance. Its colour varies from golden yellow to mild brown, with touches of soft pink. It is indeed highly durable, making it ideal for decking.

Ironbark Timber

Ironbark is a dense, hefty wood with a long lifespan. It has few natural features due to its clear interlocking texture. Ironbark, which varies in colour from deep brown to dark red, is a popular addition to properties in locations with high environmental variation. It is often used in areas with high moisture levels, such as swimming pools. In addition to its longevity, ironbark is very resistant to termites, rust, and fire.

Jarrah Timber

Jarrah is a hardwood that comes in a wide range of colours, from light to dark brown. It is more costly than other decking timbers, but it adds a touch of elegance. Like spotted gum, it is a hardwood that is both robust and suitable to use in all weather situations. It is also fire resistant, making it an excellent choice for bushfire prone places.

Composite Decking

Composite decking has improved significantly over the years and is currently a popular decking option in Dalkeith’s residential and commercial buildings. It is composed of a combination of materials, primarily polymers or plastic and wood fibres that are compressed to imitate the look and feel of genuine wood. The composite decking material comes in various colours and designs, making it simple to find one that is great for your outdoor space.

Composite Decking Professionals

Whether you want a standard or customised composite deck installed for your residence or businesses, the professionals at Dalkeith Decking in the Perth Metropolitan area are happy to assist you in making your dream decking project a reality. We know the importance of selecting a type of decking material that not only offers the desired aesthetic but also satisfies your deck design standards.
Dalkeith Decking Builders will provide professional installation services for various composite decking materials supplied by our suppliers.

Why Choose Composite Decking?

Deck Designs

If you’re planning to establish an outdoor living space for your property, we can help you decide what deck designs are suitable and which will best match your style. There are various types of decks available, and depending on the size of your outside area, you may build decking in the unoccupied yard or over a garage.
With Dalkeith Decking, you will achieve your ideal design for an outdoor living area. We will completely transform your property with different deck designs.

Curved Deck

If you never had a chance to look at some of the designs with curved decking, you’re losing some of the most distinctive and creative designs possible. Curved decks offer a gentler appearance that blends well with properties with sharp edges and rectangular shapes. It helps to reduce rigid features and adds a tranquil look.
Our team have years of work experience in the design and building of curved decking. We will put our experience and knowledge to create some great designs to satisfy our clients.

Raised Deck

A raised deck can not only be a functional place to entertain family and friends outdoor, but it can also lift the aesthetic appeal of your property. A raised deck, also known as an elevated deck, is an ideal choice for outdoor gatherings. It serves as an extension of your property where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views.
If you’re planning to have a raised deck, it’s best to contact one of our Team Members in Dalkeith Decking to formulate a plan to build your raised deck, guaranteeing you will enjoy it for many years.

Decking Tiles

Many homeowners use Deck Tiles to restore their out dated balcony or patio to create an attractive outdoor living space to last. This type of decking contains interlocking edges that keep the tiles in place with minimal effort. Furthermore, deck tiles are durable, elegant, and easy to clean. You can choose a variety of colours and designs from the available selection.
With Decking Tiles, we will transform your boring porch, balcony, or deck into a lovely outdoor living place that your family and friends will truly enjoy.

Deck Fixings

Local Decking in Dalkeith provides a wide range of decking fixing to help us construct and secure your composite or timber decking.

Hidden Deck Fasteners

Decking may be fitted with hidden fasteners to give a clean and smooth finish. They are good for laminate, plastic, cedar, and other wooden materials. Most commercial decking materials have grooved edge deck boards designed for hidden fasteners.
Decking Professionals in Dalkeith guarantees that the hidden fasteners we are using are compatible with the decking boards you want to install.

Decking Screws

Whether you’re constructing a new deck or renovating an old one, selecting the best functioning deck screws is vital. Screws have the benefit of being more durable and allowing boards to be replaced more quickly. It can give access to the deck for maintenance and repair.

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